About me

I am a PhD student at USI (Lugano, Switzerland) in the Graph Machine Learning Group, which is a research team of the Swiss AI Lab IDSIA, under the supervision of Professor Cesare Alippi. My work concerns graph-based prediction and control in reinforcement learning.


After graduating in bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Bologna in 2020, I decided to continue my studies at the same University by enrolling in the master’s degree course in Applied Physics. After the graduation, in december 2022 I started my PhD at USI.

Things that I find interesting

Generally speaking, I am interested in various topics that (I believe) can all be connected within the physics of complex systems. In particular, the master’s degree has allowed me to work on projects concerning dynamical systems (competitive Lotka-Volterra model, pedestrian dynamics), stochastic processes (numerical approximations for chemical master equations), network theory (graph-based analysis of blockchains and transport networks) and AI (application of variational autoencoders on biomedical data). The interdisciplinary nature of my doctoral project allows me to cover a good portion of these topics.